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Drain cleaning

Our Grand Central Plumbing and Heating offer a high pressure drain jetting service to get your drains cleared and clean with the minimum amount of fuss. drain-repair-2Our experienced plumbers us the most up to date equipment and can be with you within the hour to get your drains cleared and running smoothly again.
All drains eventually become clogged up through their everyday use, and Drain jetting is the fastest and most efficient way of cleaning drains and pipes.

If you think your drains may be cracked or damaged we provide a service, which enables us to see inside your drains and check for any damage. This eliminates having to excavate drainage pipes just to check if they need repairing or not.

It allows you to see the state of your drainage pipes for yourself, and informs you whether you need any repairs or not If you do need a repair, we will explain to you the most suitable procedure, as most of the time a repair can be carried out without having to dig up the damaged pipe.