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Water heater

The best replacement unit for a hot water heater is usually new model of similar capacity and size to the old unit that is being removed. Choosing a similar but new hot water heater involves less improvisation and easy connection.
Deciding to opt for a new method of heating, such as electric to gas or vice versa, becomes somewhat more complicated and may require a professional’s services, especially to determine if the alternative heating method is a change worth pursuing.
Before installing the new tank, refer to the owner’s manual for installation recommendations and instructions, as some models may have unique features. For gas models, place the hot water heater where it should sit, attach the draft hood, and reconnect the gas lines.

When connecting the hot water heater to the water lines, use threaded flex-connectors if your system doesn’t have pipes. Threaded flex-connectors require the least maintenance and are the easiest to install. Use plumbers’ tape to wrap all pipe threads for leak.